College reimagined
in your community.

Trio is helping communities across the country launch innovative, low-cost, flexible degree programs.

Our work so far

A new model for college

The current higher education system too often fails the students most in need. The hybrid college is an emerging model of education that has delivered breakthrough results in early-adopting cities across the country. ​Trio is building a network of hybrid college sites led by community members.

Program model

Accelerated and flexible

A self-paced online curriculum. Projects based on real-world skills instead of lectures and tests.

Highly affordable

Students pay a fraction of the cost of traditional college, and can save money if they work faster.

In-person coaching

Dedicated coaches support students with school, career, and life at an in-person study space.

Innovation with proven results

This hybrid college model has achieved graduation rates more than twice the [state] average, cut the cost of college in half, and eliminated race-based college completion disparities.

Harvard Rappaport Institute,
2021 study
Students have experienced breakthrough results in both college and career at the longest-running hybrid college located in Boston. The model has the potential to continue delivering change for low-income, first-generation, underrepresented students across the country.

What we do

Trio believes working adults nationwide should have access to college that works for them. We partner with communities to help them launch local hybrid college sites, deliver groundbreaking student outcomes, and learn from a network of sites across the country.

Our approach


with local champions in interested communities


an emerging leader to direct the future site


the leader as a Trio Fellow on best practices


a new site with a unique brand and strategy


the site to serve students and join the Trio Network

See it in action

What does our work look like on the ground? Check out the launch video for the Detroit site, featuring Trio Fellow Danielle!

The Trio Pillars

The Trio Network is based on three key priorities we work to deliver to students.


Trio builds coalitions of local champions to launch sites. Students get in-person support from local coaches.


College should be affordable and self-paced. Trio provides access to degree pathways focused on real-world skills.


Better career outcomes are the goal. Trio's partnerships and career coaching work to improve jobs and incomes.

What people are saying

Hear from our students and local leaders about the impact of Trio-launched sites in their communities.

Degree Forward has been a blessing to me. It has been a breeze and easy to manage with my already hectic life. Joining this program has been the best decision I've ever made.”

Keunita Whitney
Student at Degree Forward (Detroit site)

By offering a flexible, affordable education through Gateway U that prepares our families for a meaningful career, we are creating a brighter future for Newark’s young people.”

Nichelle Holder
Board Member at Gateway U (Newark site)
CPO at South Ward Promise Neighborhood

Degree Forward is a critical new piece of Detroit’s talent infrastructure, introducing a proven model to enable Metro area adults who have stopped-out of college return to earn degrees and contribute their skills to the regional economy.”

Doug Ross
Board member at Degree Forward (Detroit site)
Partner at Diploma Equity Project