We’re partnering with communities to make college work for them.

College isn't working for today's students –- especially the ones most in need of support. Trio New College Network uses local support to help nontraditional students navigate the higher education landscape towards a pathway that works for them.

Providing a path forward for working adults

Traditional higher education too often fails to support nontraditional students – particularly those who are low income, first generation, or working adults.

Trio builds pathways that center the needs of these students, empowering them to pursue their career aspirations.

Our results

the share of students on track to graduate on time.
of students would highly recommend us to a friend.
less debt on average than traditional college.

Personalized support from your community

Trio engages students through local, personalized coaching. We collaborate with community leaders to launch sites, led by local teams, where students can receive in-person support.

Meet our sites

Trio has helped launch sites in three cities in its first year of operation, with plans for new communities in 2023.

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Next-generation college options for all

Higher education shouldn’t mean the same path for everyone. We connect our students to innovative, nontraditional degree and credential pathways that fit their needs better than typical college.

Innovation with proven results.

Research shows our model of higher education delivers groundbreaking outcomes for students.

1/2 cost
+2x Black & Latinx graduation rates
1/2 time to degree

See it in action

What does our work look like on the ground?
Take a look at Gateway U, the Trio-launched site in Newark.


What people are saying

Students and local leaders alike weigh in on our impact.

"I was afraid of failure and being older. But when I got that first project back that was mastered, there was nothing but sheer joy. This is an amazing program. You can and will succeed."

Detroit student

"Degree Forward is a critical new piece of Detroit’s talent infrastructure, introducing a proven model to enable adults who have stopped-out of college return to earn degrees and contribute their skills to the regional economy.”

Doug Ross
Partner at Diploma Equity Project

"Camden U truly does care about you! The coaches really provide the academic support you need to achieve success! The program allows you to work at your own pace, which is convenient for my schedule as a Camden city educator."

Camden student

"Gateway U is filling the gap in Newark of affordability, flexibility, and workforce development, all wrapped up in one package."

Dominique Lee
Founder of BRICK Education Network

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