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The Trio Network is a growing collection of Trio-launched hybrid college sites led by local executive directors trained under the Trio Fellowship.

Trio has launched our first three sites in 2021 on our way toward launching a total of 11 new sites over three years.

Camden U

Camden U is based in Camden, New Jersey. Camden U seeks to engage students in dialogue about their long-term goals, empower them through access to SNHU degrees, and effect meaningful change in Camden by increasing social mobility.

Launch date: January 2022

Learn more at camdenu.org

Khary Golden

Executive Director of Camden U

Khary is the Trio Fellow for the Camden hybrid college site, and a lifelong dedicated educator. Growing up in Camden, Khary discovered an early penchant for civic engagement and service leadership, embracing his unique voice as a change agent and community advocate. Beginning his career at LEAP Academy Charter School, Khary positively impacted an entire generation of Camden city students. In joining the Trio team, Khary brings a passion for connecting traditionally underserved and underrepresented student populations to higher education opportunities, and a wealth of experience in increasing college credit attainment through innovative dual-enrollment programming pathways and partnership building.

Khary received his Masters in Public Administration & Education Leadership from Rutgers University, and he is the proud husband to his high school sweetheart and dedicated educator, Anjulie Williams. Together they are proud parents of Christopher King and Cree Khary, who both are avid beach goers, Black Panther fanatics, and aspiring astronauts.

Degree Forward

Degree Forward is based in Detroit, Michigan. Degree Forward works to close the racial college completion gap in the Metro Detroit region by focusing on adults who have stopped out of higher education.

Launch date: November 2021

Learn more at degreeforward.org

Danielle North

Executive Director of Degree Forward

Danielle North is the Trio Fellow for the Detroit hybrid college site. Danielle is the founder and owner of Kidz Kingdom, Detroit’s first indoor playground, which also operates as a licensed child care center. She launched her 501c3 nonprofit, Biz Kidz. Danielle is a K-12 education and strategic consultant supporting schools and nonprofits in Detroit and across the state of Michigan. She is also the Founder of the Detroit Women’s Leadership Network. In 2021, she and her partners Melissa Hamann and Doug Ross launched Diploma Equity Project, a nonprofit organization committed to eliminating the college completion gap for students of color in Detroit.

​Danielle holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sociology from Central Michigan University. She is a proud 2012 alumni of the prestigious German Marshall Memorial Fellowship. In 2019, she became a Detroit Free Press, Shining Light Mayor Dave Bing Future Leader Awardee. Danielle is a wife, mother of three, long-distance runner and author.

Gateway U

Gateway U is based in Newark, New Jersey. It is powered by a group of diverse leaders whose mission is to catalyze socio-economic mobility in Newark through an affordable and accessible college experience.

Launch date: August 2021

Learn more at gatewayunewark.org

Saymah Nah

Executive Director of Gateway U

Saymah Nah is the Trio Fellow for the Newark hybrid college site. Saymah is a lifelong educator and proud Newark native. Saymah has served as part of the founding team for charter schools operated by Success Academy Charter Schools in the Bronx as well as Rocketship Public Schools in DC. Throughout her journey, she has served in various capacities, including senior leadership, school culture and climate, family engagement, and school operations. Saymah is a steadfast family and community advocate and her body of work serves as exemplars for building deep relationships with students, community organizations, and community leaders.

Saymah received her Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Howard University.

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